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YunSDR Y590
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ZYNQ SoC 7100 FPGA, MIMO4x4, ADRV9009  BW 200MHz,75MHz~6GHz , GigaE,10G SFP+ x4,PCIE2.0x4

YunSDR Y590 software defined radio (SDR)  is the state-of-art soluion for 5G evaluation & testing.  This SDR delivers reliability and many reference designs for deployment in 5G  wireless systems.  It can be used as a RRU connecting to BBU that based on Xilinx VU9P FPGA and Intel x86 Processsor.

The YunSDR Y590 is one of the highest channel density devices on the SDR market, offering 8 RX and 8 TX channels in 1U  form factor.  The RF front end uses two ADRV9009 transceivers. Each channel provides up to 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, and covers an extended frequency range from 75 MHz to 6 GHz.


Main Features:  

RF Channels:4Tx,4Rx Tx Power : 10dBm@ 0.3~6GHz  (P1dB 17dBm)
Frequency Cover: 75MHz~6GHz Bandwidth: Tx: 450 MHz/ Rx: 200 MHz
Sync Interface:Support Ref clock in/out EVM: -38dB LTE20 MHz downlink,5 dB RF attenuation,2600MHz
ADCs:16bit :122.88, 125, and 153.6 MS/s DACs:14bit :122.88, 125, and 153.6 MS/s
FPGA: XILINX ZYNQ SoC  7Z100,内置双核ARM Cortex-A9 CPU 800 MHz 4xSPF+ (1 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Aurora)
Interface: GiagE/PCIE 2.0/4 10G SFP+/USB2.0 OTG/TF Card PL DDR3 SDRAM:2GB,PS DDR3 SDRAM:1GB



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5G Massive MIMO  Application


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